William Orbit has been drawing since he was a young William Wainwright at primary school in 1960s London. The son of school teachers, he was able to draw upon his passion for literature and mythology for inspiration. He would immerse himself creating buildings and oil refineries and clockwork animals, each with its own adventure and purpose.

Throughout his career as musician, composer, songwriter and record producer he has created illustrations for his sonic world, as private passion and as release from ‘the demons that pop up behind the notes’.

After an impromptu ‘vision quest’ in the southern Mohave Desert in 2015, alone with the low floating stars, moonlit creatures, glittering minerals and deprivation, had an epiphany of colour and returned to the small surfer community in California, where he was living, to experiment with oils and pigments.  He has remixed the analogue impulsiveness of freehand pen and ink and brushwork into the digital domain, directly alongside the sound processing and waveform manipulation of his music editing software, to create fully formed scenes.

Each picture tells a specific tale.



23 NOV – 21 JAN

Tramshed, 32 Rivington St, Shoreditch
London, EC2A 3LX

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